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등록일 2021-01-08 진행중

Managing Long-Term Product / Reinsurance Approvals from Home Office (Singapore/US)

  • Managing long term product and reinsurance approval process with Marketing, Product, U/W and Home Office

  • Communicating and providing responses to Home Office's requests and issues

  • Reviewing assumptions including L/R, expense rate and lapse rate

  • Preparing referrals including profit testing result


Long-Term US GAAP Reserve Valuation including LDTI (Long Duration Targeted Improvement) Implementation

  • Understanding US GAAP and LDTI reserving methodology

  • Defining LDTI data input and output requirements

  • Best estimate assumptions including L/R, expense rate and lapse rate update

  • AFM Model update and US GAAP Reserve report


Quarterly L/R review, if necessary, provide actuarial opinions to improve L/R

  • Estimating Reserve Review and Plan L/R

  • Monitor L/R trend using regular monitoring reports


  • More than 6 years of Long Term Product and Actuarial Pricing or Reserving experience

  • Long Term US GAAP Reserve Valuation experience preferred

  • Actuarial Modelling (AFM, Prophet, etc.) experience preferred

  • Fluent English to communicate with Home Office




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