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MES Engineer 과차장급

등록일 2022-01-19 마감 3팀

[외국계] MES Project engineer 과차장급 채용

▣ 모집분야 및 담당업무

- Deliver & execute the assigned projects on time with good quality/ cost effectiveness and customer    


- Keep improving self engineering capabilities and exchange best practice with other team members to  

 improve team’s capabilities. -

- Lead and supervise technical implementation in whole life-cycle of project delivery.  

- Work with Project Manager (PM) to manage technical risk in project execution. 

- Work with PM to clarify technical issues and problem solving. 

  Work with PM for scheduling, scope management, including WBS development. 

- Lead and develop a team of project engineers throughout project lifecycle.


▣ 주요업무

- Ensure 100% meet technical items defined in sales proposal in project delivery. 

- Ensure timely delivery of project milestones defined in project schedule. 

- Ensure project implementation follows the project management methodology and

  procedures of SSB standard.  

- Maximize reusable standard products and engineering in project delivery. 

  Coach project engineers to attain technical skill sets and experience.


▣ 연봉사항

- 협의


▣ 근무지

- 서울 / 부산

▣ 복리후생

- 자녀학자금 (유치원-대학교)

- 휴대폰 구매 및 사용로 보조

- 영어학원비 지원 

- 직원 및 배우자 의료비 지원

- 중식대 지원

- 외근직 및 엔지니어 유류대 지원

- 명절 생일등 상품권지급

- 단체 일반/종합검진 지원 

· 접수방법
마감일 마감
전형절차 서류전형/면접
제출서류 국영문이력서(구체적인 경력기술 포함)
· 담당컨설턴트

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