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[외국계화재보험사] CX Manager

등록일 2021-01-19 진행중

  • Lead to introduce new  technology such as ‘Artificial  Intelligence(e.g. Voicebot)’ in customer journey,  communicate with AI developer or vendor, IT team and other stakeholders  for maintenance or enhancement of new tech
  • Lead Direct Marketing(DM)  business line’s  persistency improvement committee and collaborate with related departments
  • Reporting to  local management or regional office regarding persistency performance,  project update and results, future strategy and planning
  • Management of  conservation function who is protecting insurance policies from cancel or  lapse. Regular monitoring reporting conservation team’s productivity and efficiency
    • 5+ years’ experience in relevant fields
    • Preferred to have  experience of improving customer experience/journey
    • Preferred to have experience  of AI related projects in insurance universe
    • PI, ISP and project  experience of financial industry over 3 years
    • Business acumen for  insurance product and process
    • Micro Office Software  handling (Excel, PowerPoint)
    • Fluent in English  communication (verbal & written)
    • Consulting skills and  business background
    • Prepare and structure  reports with minor guidance
-        Proactively identify issues, structure and conduct necessary analysis and draw conclusions
-        Good team player 




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