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[외국계 재보험사]Data Analyst

등록일 2022-08-02 진행중


Job Title: Data Analyst

Overview: Develop and implement data analytic solutions and commercial applications both internally and for our clients across the industry. Demonstrate a strong understanding of our client’s needs, data analytic activities in the industry, products, markets and applications of advanced data analytic solution in the industry.  


Duties and Responsibilities: 

 Builds and maintains strong working relationships with clients by gaining knowledge of clients’ business and uses effective listening skills to understand their needs.

  Collaborates with Data Scientists of Global R&D, local and regional team members to obtain expert knowledge, to assist in identifying solutions and resolutions to problems/issues resulting in quality results and client satisfaction. 

 Design, create and interpret end-to-end statistical models of life insurance.

  Possess a strong understanding of the various commercial applications of statistical models for use in New Business.  Routinely demonstrate an expertise in the areas of statistical models, the insurance application of models and advanced data analytics. 

 Work in Client’s office to proceed projects when required 

 Actively participate research work and research-related initiatives

  Assist in client meetings, as required, and business development seminars 

 Perform other duties as required 



 3+ years of experience with statistics analysis in insurance industry(especially life insurance).  Advanced skills in SQL, Database and statistical programs(e.g., R, Python). 

 Knowledge of life, health and/or annuity products

  Knowledge of insurance risk analysis  Knowledge of Machin Learning/Deep Learning preferred. 

 Statistical modeling experience preferred.  Basic knowledge of Java development is preferred. 

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